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About Us

Parlour 153 was created to provide a forum for established writers, artists, and other creative professionals to share works in progress for a receptive audience. Participants have an opportunity to involve themselves in the creative process and contemporary issues. Situated in the long standing international community in Harlem, New York, Parlour 153 host’s gatherings for conversation and new presentations in contemporary fusions of socio-economic, ecological and ethical discourse.

We are on-going series events, featuring new works, good food, wine and a dialogue with the artist or writer concerning their new work.

We hope you will consider attending our events or recommending someone for consideration as one our featured artists or writers.

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Noreen Dean Dresser, Director of Parlour 153

Drawing from across the last decade, Dresser’s work best represent the critical subjective forces at play in the contemporary social and political landscape. Special selective works from Creation Myths for an Age of Despair, When a Goy reads Torah, Genesis Chapter One and Edges in Eternity portray cosmological views and give a frame to social mores and inter-communal boundaries. Using a simple vocabulary drawn from the landscape genre and elemental symbols, she constructs a worldview inviting perspectives with her international co-participants.

Allicette Torres, Current Artist in residence of Parlour 153 & guest curator

Allicette Torres is a Puerto Rican autodidactic artist living and working in Harlem, New York City. Her range of themes are rooted but not limited to identity/ethnicity, one's place in historical context to the past, socio-economics, as well as, being Latina and a feminist.