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Artist in residence talk by:
Allicette Torres

The Invention of Abandon, photographs from Picher, Oklahoma

Part of the original chain of American mines, Picher Oklahoma
provided more than 50% of the lead and zinc used in
World War I.

For nearly 57 years the 2.2 mile stretch of land existed for
the sole purpose of mining. By the 1970’s the American
economic bust of the more “active” Northeast Manufacturing
Belt made Picher Oklahoma obsolete.

29th July 2015 • 7PM
153 w. 119th st. New York, NY 10026
212•932•3181 • Please rsvp if possible, space limited


NYC Antioch College Community Chapter presents:
Scrappy Underdog Wines That Will Change Your Life

a wine tasting event benefiting the Antioch College Revival Fund

Parlour 153 was a supporter of an evening of wine tasting to benefit the College Revival Fund during the “Nonstop Rocks” national fundraising weekend. Antioch College alum David Ramm led the tasting in a beautiful and spacious photography studio, near New York City's Union Square.

The event featured eight wines from around the world, many of them from organically or biodynamically farmed vineyards, all of them from people unwilling to bow to the wine world’s prevailing wisdom. Released into a market that demands sameness and quietly forgives manipulation, these handcrafted wines offer brilliant specificity, distilling the place, time, people, and traditions that produced them into approachable, compelling wines for everyday meals and special occasions.

The event raised a substantial amount of funds for the Antioch College alumni association, for their efforts to purchase and reopen Antioch college.

About David Ramm: Having first tasted wine in Yellow Springs at the home of music professor John Ronsheim, David went on to take Ronsheim's Art, Wine, and the Five Senses course and from there set to working in the wine business in New York, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. He has taught dozens of wine appreciation classes for businesses and private groups and as an instructor in Duke University's continuing education division. He is currently the editor-in-chief of AMS Press, a small, scrappy scholarly publishing company based in Brooklyn.

Friday, Sept. 19, 2009

Her-humanity: Transformative Agency and Advocacy is part of The Feminist Art Project

Curated by Noreen Dean Dresser and Lawrence Rodriguez at Casa Frela Gallery

From 2006-2009, the Feminist Art Project is celebrating the Feminist Art Movement and its impact on art history. The Feminist Art Project is a national initiative recognizing the aesthetic and intellectual impact of women on the visual arts and culture. Feminist artists, curators, teachers, and writers are organizing across the nation and across generations to bring public attention to the significant and continuing impact of women and their art on all aspects of contemporary art practice, highlighting their international influence, and guaranteeing their inclusion in the cultural record, past, present, and future.

Maya Freelon is an African-American artist working in Massachusetts. Using digital photography, tissue paper and tape, Freelon challenges notions of subjectivity in her recent work, Exceeding Expectations. From artwork objectifying her sacred femininity and honorable Blackness comes the freedom of abstract thought.

Sol Kjek is a Norwegian artist working in New York. Her drawing and painting begin with staged studio performances and investigate the model - artist - viewer relationship. Her work questions gender roles and comments on the sexualized relationship between artist and subject.

Anoush Ter Taulian is an Armenian-American artist working in New York. Her video, photography, painting and poetry document, commemorate and highlight the Armenian Freedom Struggle. Her artwork is about resisting assimilation and supporting the visibility of women of color.

Michelle Rogers grew up in a small-industrialized town in Ireland called Dundalk bordering the British North. Confronting religion, terrorism, police action and soldiers early, Michelle Roger’s work creates meditations with the mood of moral decay and darkness.

The nationwide campaign is anchored by major art events taking place in early 2007. The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum opens in March, including the permanent
installation of Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party. Global Feminisms, an international exhibition of contemporary feminist art curated by Linda Nochlin and Maura Reilly, will be mounted simultaneously. Dr. Nochlin will be awarded a Distinguished Scholar by the Women’s Caucus for Art, an affiliate society of the College Art Association.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Rock The Sham

Book reading of Anne Maguire's new work

It was a full house for Anne Maguire as our latest featured guest at a Parlour 153. Anne read exerpts from her recent book "Rock the Sham" and shared stories of her groundbreaking work in the emerging Irish LGBT community of New York City.

Rock the Sham tells the story of the persistent campaign waged by a small group of Irish lesbians and gay men, along with their American supporters, to take their place in the world's largest St. Patrick's Day celebration. Banned and slandered by church and state alike, the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization persisted for over ten years to fight a campaign for inclusion, against the enormous powers of the Church, City Hall, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians in New York. Veteran activist Maguire tells the amazing, funny, and terrible story of this epic grass-roots political battle. Rock the Sham! is Anne Maguire's personal account of what happened when a small group, mostly immigrants, decided to start an organization for Irish lesbians and gay men in New York, and then defiantly refused to go back in the closet.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Asado Y Milonga

A traditional Asado (Argentine BBQ) and Milonga (Argentine tango dance party) in Harlem; dancing on beautiful hard wood floor at Parlour 153, and BBQ in luscious downstairs gardens.

Red wine from Argentina, maté, traditional salads, and Argentine grill were served. Asadors (BBQ cookers) Oliver Kolker and Coco Arregui were featured. These maestros were trained in Buenos Aires to grill and dance tango!!

DJ La Turka! Surprise guest performers!

Beginner Tango Lesson! An unusual and exciting way to while away a late summer afternoon! Thanks to all who attended and helped make this such a success.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Spinoza's Daughter

Reading of Lexa Roséan's work in progress

Lexa Roséan performed Cedars of Lebanon, the latest chapter of her novel in progress Spinoza’s Daughter, an irreverent, sexy, and sacred tale set in NYC in the late 1970’s. Israel has just invaded southern Lebanon. As Jews and Arabs go to war, our Jewish (albeit ex-communicated) heroine makes love to the Muslim boys in a desperate attempt to lose her virginity and save her soul.

Lexa created a summer storm of laughter and insight with her brillant performance reading. Parlour 153 was able to introduce her work to a new audience. The afternoon turned on her inspiration and caught members in the beginnings of tango. We will be featuring Lexa again.

Lexa's Bio:
Lexa Roséan is a poet, playwright, and published author. Her poetry is included on The Knitting Factory 100 Greatest Poets cd. Lexa was reviewed in the Village Voice by Michael Musto and photographed by Andy Warhol during the SnakePoet years. Along with her own poems, she recited great works of poetry from the likes of Poe, Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, and Coleridge every weekend in a tree across from the Delacort Theatre in Central Park. In 1982, the poet and her 13 foot python Lilly, were escorted out of the park by police at gunpoint thus forcing her to get a “real” job for several subsequent years.

Her plays The Prisoner, The Swim, and I Married a Lesbian Witch were produced at the WOW Café. Lexa has also performed her work at La Mama, Dixon Place, P.S. 122, and other downtown Venues. (She is thrilled to have the opportunity to take her act uptown to Harlem.) Her writing has been included in the anthologies Celebrating the Pagan Soul (Citadel Press 2005), and Women on Women 2 (Plume 1993). A Kosher Megila, an excerpt from her soon to be published novel Spinoza’s Daughter, was included in Women on Women 3 A New Anthology of American Lesbian Fiction (Plume/Penguin1996).

Lexa Roséan is also the author of The Supermarket Sorceress series (St. Martins Press), Easy Enchantments, (St Martin’s Press), PowerSpells, and ZodiacSpells (St Martins Press). She has two new books coming out TarotPower: 22 Keys to Unlocking Magick, Spellcraft, and Meditation (Citadel Press July 05) and The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients (Simon & Shuster Sep 2005) She currently writes the Celeb Astrology Forecasts for CosmoGirl magazine.

In addition to her many other talents, Lexa is an accomplished tango dancer.

You can contact Lexa through her website:

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Special performance of his latest musical work

Ahmond's soulful melodies have moved audiences at the C Note, CBGB’s, Downstairs Lounge, the Knitting Factory and other key venues for singer-songwriters. This was a perfect late summer afternoon performance to lull our heart into a poetic vista.

Singer-Songwriter AHMOND has become a regular in New York’s live music scene since he first arrived in the Big Apple in 2003. Playing gigs in such iconic haunts as the C Note, CBGB’s Downstairs Lounge, the Knitting Factory, the Bitter End, and Acme Underground, Ahmond and his band have developed a loyal following that grows with each performance.

The 25-year old creates a unique sound with elements of folk-influenced rock, alternative, and world music. His influences range from Kate Bush and Tori Amos, to vocalizations done by African pygmies. He is sometimes compared to Seal, Jeff Buckley, Tracey Chapman, and Ani Difranco.

Born in Phoenix Arizona, and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Ahmond was a creative, but solitary youth. He performed in children's theater, wrote and drew his own comic book, and at 16 decided that he could be a singer.

He studied Music and English at Georgia State University, and discovered his six-stringed soul mate, the guitar.

Ahmond began his professional career composing music for a social awareness theater company called "En-Acte" in Atlanta. He played local venues such as Eddie's Attic, Innovox Lounge, and performed at the 2002 Atlanta Pride Festival.

Ahmond's process involves as much of his spiritual side as it does his musical instincts and real-world insights. He says, "I feel like a filter for stuff coming in from above. A messenger."

He loves performing songs as much as he does writing them. He says his music connects him to people. "My songs are like keys or pathways up a hill to where I'm hanging out, inviting folks in. My songs give people another key to unlock introspection."

“His music is poetic” one of his fans has said. “The music affects your heart, and the lyrics engage your mind.”

He is currently working on a project creating music for an HBO special, and currently plays monthly at various venues. Ahmond’s music can be heard and purchased online at

Sunday, July 24, 2005