Allicette Torres it a New York based Puerto Rican - American artist, art writer and curator. Her current untitled work-in-process is an exploration of Japanese family rental culture. She starts this journey by attempting to “rent” a mother, but something greater happens as she forges a bond with someone unexpected. The two women become mother and daughter, one Japanese, the other Puerto Rican. In this latest series she examines identity, culture, language and family. Through new photographs and video Allicette shares her personal experience with relationships, connections, love and cultural barriers. This work is about the pulse of our humanity.

Allicette’s visual narrative reflects aspects of Latin American magical realism with components of cinema, performance art and sculpture. She deliberately orchestrates her work to imbue the pain of the past and its ramifications in the present. Often through highly charged themes such as repression, history, race, and sexuality her work asks, “How does history coupled with choices or inactions shape the fabric and legacy of who we are?”